I can’t figure out why I like this movie. There are several moments of awful CGI, the set design leaves a lot to be desired, and sometimes the acting feels like a high school play. Plus, it spends a little too much time on mentioning interesting new details (e.g. Jasmine’s mom was murdered) without ever explaining what actually happened. But for whatever reason, I don’t really care about that. This is a movie where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It broke Disney’s “Memorial Day Curse” earning more than $86 million domestically. There is bad acting, weird script choices and some off special effects, but Aladdin finds its magic where it counts. For one, Naomi Scott’s Jasmine gets a powerhouse ballad and she absolutely nails it. The script is clumsy in its placement and the things […]

EP233: Aladdin Finds Magic in Updated Story

That title is a little misleading. Disney has operational control of Hulu, but they don’t own the platform yet. That could all change in 2024, when Disney will have the chance to gain 100% ownership of Hulu thanks to some magical dealings with Comcast. II don’t completely understand this or how it works, but the punchline will likely be that Disney will complete its streaming triumvirate in January 2024. With Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, Disney will have space to grow in movies, live sports, and television series. Live sports is the only place where Disney would not control the entire pipeline. That is until they buy the Orlando Magic. EndGame Eyes Avengers Now that Avengers: EndGame has passed Avatar’s domestic box office record, all eyes have shifted to the worldwide box office. That means we have to deal with articles like […]

EP232: Disney Gets Hulu, Endgame Eyes Avatar

One of Disney’s most iconic voices has recently been accused of rape and animal abuse. Jim Cummings, the long-standing voice of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and several other Disney characters, was accused by his Ex-wife during a custody battle for his children. A battle he won in court, saying that the allegations were false. Friday nite&alls GREAT!!☺️My girls are officially safe and sound at HOME, 💕adios false allegations, quotes, lies and nastyiness! Hello smooth sailing and peace. Blessings 2 all for your beautiful love and support for my family & I, God bless thank u all🌹 — Jim Cummings (@Jimcummingsacme) May 11, 2019 Jim Cummings has a deep history with the Disney company, but these allegations are serious. It will be interesting to see how Disney handles this in this current era where allegations can get you fired. They might […]

EP231: Pooh’s Fate and a New Slate

Download this episode I’m torn about this one. No, really, I am. I really encourage you to listen to our way-too-long Podcast on this film because we get into some great conversations. On one side you have the Marvel fan in me. It’s the one who has been to every opening night for nearly every Marvel film since Iron Man 2. That’s the guy who researches movies and characters to learn more about their powers and possible story directions. That Ken easily gives this a 10/10. Then there is that other side of me. The one who goes to the movies to see something he didn’t even know he wanted to see. The one who feels movies should run as tight as possible, so every line of dialogue and scene has a purpose. The guy who feels like it shouldn’t […]

EP230: Avengers: Endgame SPOILER Review

Download this episode We finally know when we can binge Disney films to our heart’s content. Mark it on your calendars – Nov. 12, 2019. We will never leave our couches again. Investors were so excited they pushed Disney’s stock to a record $129.85. It helps that the price is pretty manageable at $6.99/month or $69.99/year. At launch, Disney plans to have 18 Pixar films, all the animated classics – including 13 classics that have previously been locked inside the Disney vault, all the Star Wars films, Marvel titles like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, more than 250-sum-odd hours of National Geographic programming, 100+ Disney Channel Original Movies and nine exclusive originals. Not to mention all 30 seasons of The Simpsons–the exclusive streaming source. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Rise of Skywalker Disney treated us to […]

EP228: Disney+ Star Wars + Lion King

There seemed to be only two options when Avengers: Endgame tickets hit the market on Tuesday April 2nd. Either you waited, refreshed, promised God you’d give more to charity, pledged your soul to Thanos, cursed the sky and finally were able to buy tickets. Or you missed the chaos and plan to comfortably watch the Endgame in IMAX on opening night from the comfort of the left side of the front row at your local theater. Or you just didn’t buy tickets at all. Me, I had the atypical experience of buying tickets quickly and easily at the start of the day, but I know many who weren’t so lucky. According to Fandango, tickets for Disney’s superhero blockbuster took only six hours to break the single-day pre-sales record set in 2015 by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But seriously, if you […]

EP227: Avengers Broke Everything

The dictionary defines “Soar” in two ways. The first refers to maintaining height “without flapping wings or using engine power.” In that sense, Dumbo, Disney’s latest live-action remake, soars above the competition. The second definition — “increase rapidly above the usual level” — is where the film falls woefully short. it is decidedly average. Not Just A Retelling Dumbo is (mostly) true to Walt Disney’s classic. An elephant has a baby with big ears that allow said elephant to fly. The original movie is only about 60 minutes, which means Director Tim Burton and writer Ehren Kruger had a lot of time to fill. This leads to a bit of a conservationist retelling of the movie. It’s not horrible, but it misses the real message of the classic. Earlier this year, Disney released a plush with the famous line, “The […]

EP226: Dumbo Maintains Altitude

And just like that, Disney became the mad Titan of Hollywood. Well, it wasn’t really “just” like that. We’ve been talking about this purchase for more than a year. And I’m not really sure Disney is the Mad Titan of Hollywood either. Yes, one of the first things they did was layoff many of the executives and more than 4000 legacy fox employees are expected to be cut. However, this isn’t terribly different from many other mergers that happen. It’s not the magical side of the business, but (as we say all too often these days) Disney is a business. The important thing is that with Fox, Disney is now armed to the teeth with content to compete in the streaming era. Some day an MBA student will be reading a case study on how Disney went from an entertainment […]

EP225: Disney Completes Purchase of Fox