Zootopia’s Lawsuit and Beauty’s $500M Record – The Disney Movie Review 124

This week, Disney is being sued over claims that it stole the idea, characters and dialogue for Zootopia. Also, a new streaming content competitor has popped up and it’s led by a former Disney executive. Plus, Beauty and the Beast makes $500 million in 7 days, making it the sixth biggest seven-day movie opening of all time. That said, movie theaters are facing new pressure from studios to shorten the length between box office release and home video. And, oh yeah, Bob Iger’s contract got extended through 2019. That and much, much more. For the week of March 27, 2017 this is episode 124 of The Disney Movie Review.

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Disney is being sued for copyright infringement on Zootopia


Disney wasn’t able to get the case thrown out here


Disney settled the Frozen Lawsuit here


Did Disney create a new competitor by closing Maker Studios?


James Gun uses Facebook more than Donald Trump uses Twitter…and here’s a poster




Deadline’s interview with Sean Bailey


Cars 3 characters are going on a cross country tour


Sneak Peek at Happily Ever After


Here’s information on Disney’s Tax Bill


More on Bob’s new contract.



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