Former Disney Imagineer Works To Revolutionize Theaters

Movie Theater chain AMC has invested $10 million into a Los Angeles-based virtual reality (VR) startup that is headed by a former Chief Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering. In addition to the initial investment, AMC will invest an additional $10 million to finance VR content productions with the startup.

Dreamscape Immersive is headed by CEO Bruce Vaughn, who spent nine years as Chief Creative Executive for Disney Imagineering. Now Vaughn is pushing Dreamscape into the world of location-based VR. AMC and Dreamscape plan to open six VR centers across the US and UK.

One thing that makes Dreamscape unique is that their version of VR is completely untethered. Participants wear VR headsets powered by a computer carried around in a custom backpack, which allows them to walk through a stage that combines real physical cues with virtual worlds. 

One of the features that sets Dreamscape apart from the competition is that it uses extra trackers that are strapped to the hand and feet, allowing the system to approximate body movements and reproduce accurate representations of other participants in virtual multiplayer spaces.

In a demo shown to industry insiders and press, the company uses this to let participants toss objects back and forth — all without taking off their headsets to look at the “real thing.”

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