EP147: Disney Movie News

My parents are in town and it’s a light news week so this will be short.

Disney Opts Out of Plan To Shorten Release Window

Comcast, Amazon, and Apple are hurtling towards a plan that would shorten the time between a movie’s theatrical release and its debut on home video. The system would allow customers to rent movies on demand roughly 30 days after its theatrical release. The service is expected to cost $30. While several movie studios have shown support for the program, Disney has taken its hat out of the ring.

I think Disney views this as a threat to its animation business. More than any other studios, Disney and Pixar dominate the animation market. Finding DoryFrozen, and several other Disney films have enjoyed big openings and long runs at the box office. If families decided to stay home and rent the movie instead, Disney could lose out on billions. Families that currently spend $50 on tickets for adults and children could just stay home and rent the movie for $30.

Zootopia 2 is a Go

In an interview, bodybuilder Mark “Rhino” Smith passively confirmed that Zootopia 2 is happening. The voice behind Officer McHorn said he would be reprising the role in the sequel to the hit movie.

Force Friday 2

Force Friday is back with even more deals for Star Wars fans. Click on the link to find out more about which stores are participating.