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EP144: Spider-Man is Falling And “True” Disney Fans

This week on the podcast we talk about how Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn’t gotten into the swing of things at the box office and is performing much worse than some other films. Why are audiences staying away from the movie? Plus, we talk about why it may not matter in a few weeks. Disney World is offering signing bonuses to future cast members and providing a few work-from-home opportunities to people in select U.S. states. Then we talk about what it takes to be a true Disney fan. That and much, much more. Take a listen to episode 144 of The Disney Movie Review below.

Why Has Spider-Man: Homecoming Fallen Off At The Box Office?

There is something odd that must be tingling the spider senses of Marvel and Sony executives when they look at summer box office. Spider-Man: Homecoming – a film that debuted with the fifth highest July opening of all time – is falling. Fast.

Spider-Man: Homecoming had the second-highest opening for any Spider-Man film, earning more than $117 million. The next weekend it dropped 62 percent – the biggest weekend-to-weekend drop for any Spider-Man movie. In fact, the last two weekends of its opening month have brought in roughly $35 million for the franchise. Compare that to Wonder Woman, which brought in $65 million during the last two weekends of its opening month. (Even Frozen did $43 million during a similar time period).

Admittedly, this is a domestic box office problem. Once the movie opens in China, it is sure to accumulate a worldwide gross that equals its predecessors. What’s really confusing about the domestic box office is that Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Rotten Tomatoes score is above 90 percent for both audiences and critics. So if Spider-Man: Homecoming is so great – and it is – why hasn’t it made more money? Click here to read a few of our theories on why Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn’t made more money.

WDW Attendance Is Down But Bonuses Are Up

Attendance is down at Disney World this year. We don’t need to wait for official figures. The discounts tell the story. What’s more, on-property Disney World hotels have started appearing on Hotwire. Those are not signs of a thriving attendance.

With a declining customer base, I was shocked to see Disney World increasing its signing bonuses to cast members. The company recently increased its signing bonus from $500 to $1,000 or $1,500 for new full-time and part-time employees in the culinary department. Disney is also paying $500 for new housekeepers and bus drivers who get part-time or full-time work with the company. Click here to read a few theories on why Disney might be offering these bonuses. 

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