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This week Lucasfilm has called on JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode 9, but is he really what the franchise needs? Pixar releases a new trailer for Coco and gets us all excited for Thanksgiving. We also talk about the state of the Disney company and whether new leadership is needed. Finally, Disney plans to release 25 films in the next 27 months, but what’s their end game? We have a theory. That and much much more. For the week of September 18, this is Episode 149 of The Disney Movie Review. Return of The JJ A little bit ago in a place not so distant, J.J. Abrams directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens and brought joy to millions of fans. Now Lucasfilm has asked him to return to helm the untitled Star Wars Episode IX film. Abrams replaces Colin Trevorrow. Many […]

Return of the JJ and Bob Iger’s Job Security

  This week will be short. It’s my birthday and I have some celebrating to do. So let’s get to it! Check out this week’s episode below. Marvel and Star Wars Leave Netflix A few weeks ago we devoted an entire episode to the news that Disney was pulling out of its contract with Netflix.  At the time, it looked like Disney would leave the Marvel and Lucasfilm content on Netflix. Now, we know that is not the case. We talk about that and more on this week’s podcast episode. This week Disney announced it is pulling Marvel And Star Wars off of Netflix and placing them on its new streaming platform. “We’re going to launch big, and we’re going to launch hot,” said CEO Bob Iger at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference in […]

Losing Profit, Losing Directors and Whitewashing Accusations – The Disney ...

My parents are in town and it’s a light news week so this will be short. Disney Opts Out of Plan To Shorten Release Window Comcast, Amazon, and Apple are hurtling towards a plan that would shorten the time between a movie’s theatrical release and its debut on home video. The system would allow customers to rent movies on demand roughly 30 days after its theatrical release. The service is expected to cost $30. While several movie studios have shown support for the program, Disney has taken its hat out of the ring. I think Disney views this as a threat to its animation business. More than any other studios, Disney and Pixar dominate the animation market. Finding Dory, Frozen, and several other Disney films have enjoyed big openings and long runs at the box office. If families decided to stay home and rent the […]

EP147: Disney Movie News

Obi Wan Solo Movie
This was a light news week for Disney movie news, but the rest of the world has really made up for it. Before we get to the Disney news, I wanted to offer a resource to parents struggling to speak with their kids about race. There is a lot of craziness going on not too far from where I live and even when we agree that racism is bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean we always know how to talk to our kids about it. I wanted to include this article in case anyone is having trouble talking with their kids about race. Check out the full episode of the Podcast below. Does Obi Wan Kenobi Really Need A Standalone Film? The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Lucasfilm is in talks with Stephen Daldry to direct a standalone Obi Wan Kenobi film. It’s […]

EP146: Obi Wan Goes Solo and MoviePass Makes Waves

Why You will pay for Disney's Streaming Service
We should all stop pretending like we won’t pay for Disney’s new streaming service. You will. Just like people vow to never go back to Disney World after the latest price hike and yet end up there every summer, in 2019 you will happily pay Disney to stream their content. By announcing its intention to start its own streaming service in 2019, Disney is essentially taking on the largest name in streaming. Meanwhile, Netflix is losing one of its biggest content contributors. (Or at least part of them. Disney announced it will pull Disney and Pixar films, but we still don’t know what will happen with Marvel and Lucasfilm properties yet.) It’s a bit of a gamble, but it’s also very smart. The reason many people are swearing to boycott Disney’s streaming service is that they think Disney is the […]

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A True Disney Fan
This week on the podcast we talk about how Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn’t gotten into the swing of things at the box office and is performing much worse than some other films. Why are audiences staying away from the movie? Plus, we talk about why it may not matter in a few weeks. Disney World is offering signing bonuses to future cast members and providing a few work-from-home opportunities to people in select U.S. states. Then we talk about what it takes to be a true Disney fan. That and much, much more. Take a listen to episode 144 of The Disney Movie Review below. Why Has Spider-Man: Homecoming Fallen Off At The Box Office? There is something odd that must be tingling the spider senses of Marvel and Sony executives when they look at summer box office. Spider-Man: Homecoming – a […]

EP144: Spider-Man is Falling And “True” Disney Fans

Tom Holland stars as Spider-man in Spider-Man Homecoming
There is something odd that must be tingling the spider senses of Marvel and Sony executives when they look at summer box office. Spider-Man: Homecoming – a film that debuted with the fifth highest July opening of all time – is falling. Fast. Spider-Man: Homecoming had the second-highest opening for any Spider-Man film, earning more than $117 million. The next weekend it dropped 62 percent – the biggest weekend-to-weekend drop for any Spider-Man movie. In fact, the last two weekends of its opening month have brought in roughly $35 million for the franchise. Compare that to Wonder Woman, which brought in $65 million during the last two weekends of its opening month. (Even Frozen did $43 million during a similar time period). Admittedly, this is a domestic box office problem. Once the movie opens in China, it is sure to […]

If Spider-Man: Homecoming Is So Good – And it is ...

D23 Expo waiting in line anaheim convention center
I was a little skeptical the first time I heard about D23 – the official Disney fan club. I figured it was just another way for Disney to make money of its dedicated fan base. When they announced the first D23 Expo, it became an instant bucket-list item for me. The D23 Expo happens every two years in Anaheim, California. It started in 2009, right around the time Disney bought Marvel. Thousands of dedicated Disney fans cram into the Anaheim Convention Center to learn more about everything Disney has planned for the next two years at the movies and in its parks and resorts. For first-timers like me, walking onto the convention floor at the D23 Expo is an experience unlike any other. But there are still some things that no one tells you about D23. The seasoned veterans know […]

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