Red Queen Shines in Alice – The Disney Movie Review 085

This week, it’s our spoiler review of Alice: Through the Looking Glass. How does this one compare to the 2010 version…or the 1950’s version for that matter? Does the movie’s point about time hit home or fall flat? Plus, a very special guest joins us to talk about the new Beauty and the Beast teaser. That and much more. For the week of May 30, this is Episode 85 of The Disney Movie Review.


Here is the Link to the three minute, non-spoiler review on YouTube.

Check out the Beauty and the Beast teaser.

HUGE thanks to Laura Wilcox for coming on the show. Here is Laura’s awesome blog post on the Beauty and the Beast teaser.

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Check out the new Finding Dory trailer.

Laura Wilcox is an up and coming author with great reviews on Amazon. Buy one of her two books! 



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