The Seven Questions of Disney – The Disney Movie Review 126

It’s a light news week so we switch up the format a bit. We ask the seven questions facing each of the studios this week…plus one for Disney Parks. Plus we give our thoughts on who should be included as a Disney Legend and who shouldn’t be. Check out the questions and articles below.

Edit: I forgot to ask the Disney Animation Studios question so we have to catch up on that one next week.

Disney Pictures:

Should the live action Mulan be a musical?

Disney Animation (This is the question I forgot to ask)

Disneys next Animated Feature is Ralph Breaks the Internet:  Wreck-It Ralph 2. Is Disney doing enough to cater to you young boys with their animated feature films?

Disney Nature

New clip of Born in China

Why has Disney taken a decidedly younger tone with this franchise?


In 2000 after James Varney died, Pixar replaced the voice of Slinky with Blake Clark.

With the passing of Don Rickles, how will Disney treat the potato head character?


James Gunn has stated that the soundtrack to GOTG: Awsome Mix Vol. 2 will arrive on April 28th, and the track listing will be available soon?  Should the music be kept a secret until the movie opens?


Boycotts on diversity for Rogue One and TFA did nothing to make a dent in the earnings of those movies.

Do the diverse casts really make a difference?

Disney Parks

Comcast is closing the attendance gap. Is this the summer where they really threaten Disney?



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